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50 years experience in compressed air
and sample gas technology

Our Enterprise came out from the 1961 founded VIA GmbH. Today AGT Thermotechnik GmbH & Co.KG is OEM supplier of compressor manufacturers, compressed air specialists dealers as well as analysis technique systemhouses. We engineer and manufacture:
Compressed Air Dryers for pneumatic applications
Sample Gas Coolers for extractive infrared-analyzers
Innovative, reliable, competent and

TÜV EN DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified
TÜV EN ISO/IEC 8007934:2011 (ATEX) certified
Enterprice according §19 WHG
● Specialists for building refrigerated plants
● Specialists for compressed air and analysis technology
Development and history of
AGT Thermotechnik

1961 VIA GmbH was founded in Duesseldorf/Germany  by american citizen Mr. Melvin Fusfeld. The main target was to bring American products in the German and main European market.  The product range includes pressurized air dryers, valve fittings and parts for Measurement & control technology

1963 Establishing own production plant in Düsseldorf / Germany.

1972 Moving to new office- and production buildings in Duesseldorf / Germany.   Expanding the sales territories in Europe from Norway to Spain.  Also the own developed series of pressurized air dryers was very successful and made VIA to the market leader in this branch.

1982 Developing the first gas cooler based on refrigeration technologies.

1985 Moving again to new and bigger office- and production buildings in Duesseldorf / Germany.

1988 Founder  Melvin Fusfeld died and his family was planning to sold his company.  But fortunately some employees did a classical management-buyout plus the acquisition of DEPA, a German manufacturer of pneumatic membran pumps. The company was renamed in K.W.W. GmbH.


1989 Renaming of K.W.W. in Alfa Laval GmbH.

Acquisition of Thermotechnik,  a German manufacturer of sinter heat-exchanger.

1995 During new setup of Alfa Laval the fusion of AGT und THERMOTECHNIK GmbH in Erkelenz /Germany was more than logical.

1999 Alfa Laval sold AGT Thermotechnik GmbH to Schneider Druckluft GmbH / Germany and 4 Employees of AGT.

2006 Acquisition of KTA Schidlowski in Ruppach-Goldhausen. Acquisition of  AGT Thermotechnik GmbH together with  Schneider Druckluft GmbH by  TTS-Group Reutlingen / Germany.

2010 Focusing of AGT Thermotechnik on development, manufacturing and production of sample gas conditioners and compressed air dryers for special applications.

2011 Acquisition of AGT Thermotechnik GmbH & Co.KG by Bollensis AG Winterthur.
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